Collection: Hardwax Oil

What is Hard Wax Oil?

Hard wax oil (also called hardwax oil) is a timber floor treatment that’s made using a blend of natural oils and waxes. This blend produces a treatment that’s easy to apply, quick drying, water repellent and suitable for use in high wear and tear areas.

While hard wax oil is commonly applied to timber floors, it’s also ideal for furniture, bench tops and other soft and hardwood timber surfaces.

Unlike other timber treatments (such as lacquer and polyurethane), hard wax oils don’t form a plastic-like coating over the surface. Instead, the oils and waxes soak into the wood, bringing out its natural character and providing protection down in the timber grain.

The Benefits of Hard Wax Oil

Hard wax oils are an innovative product that are perfect for all timber floors around the home. They provide a durable coating that’s capable of withstanding the rough and tumble of everyday life, so your floors will always look their best.

If you are looking for the best way to maintain and rejuvenate your timber floors, a hard wax oil provides major benefits:

  • Durability. Hard wax oil cures to form a durable finish with excellent mechanical resistance. This is ideal for use on floors and furniture that see heavy use, such as high traffic areas in your house.
  • Resistant to liquids. Oils and waxes are highly effective barriers against liquids and most chemicals. Floors protected with a hard wax oil are very resistant to water and staining.
  • Enhances the appearance of timber. Hard wax oil contains natural oils that soak into the grain of the timber. This rejuvenates and rehydrates the wood, enhancing its appearance.
  • Ease of application. Ciranova Hardwax Oil Titan is suitable for application using a roller. That makes it the ideal product for homeowners that want a DIY-friendly solution.
  • Low maintenance requirements. Timber floors that are coated with hard wax oil can be cleaned using a broom and vacuum cleaner, suitable flooring soap and a mop. They require very little maintenance, with most products lasting 5-7 years before recoating.
  • Finish selection. Hard wax oils are available in a variety of finishes. That means you can choose a matte, satin or gloss finish that suits your home’s interior aesthetic.

How to Apply Hard Wax Oil for Timber Floors

Finishing and protecting timber floors is easy with products like Ciranova’s Hardwax Oil Titan. These products are highly suited for application with a roller, making them perfect for homeowners that want to tackle a DIY job.

To apply hard wax oil for timber floors you need to:

  1. Sand the surface using 100-200 grit sandpaper to remove any imperfections. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any sanding dust prior to application. Be sure to sand the floor evenly, as hard wax oil can accentuate inconsistencies.
  2. Use a stirring stick to mix the hard wax oil very well.
  3. Using an angled paint brush, apply hard wax oil around the border of the room and in any intricate areas.
  4. Apply the remaining hard wax oil using a 6mm microfibre roller. Work along the direction of the wood grain and apply a uniform coating.
  5. Allow the first coat to dry for approximately 8 hours before applying a second coat. The second coat can be applied the same way as the first
  6. The surface is ready for light use after 12 hours, and normal use after 24 hours of curing time. Hard wax oil is fully cured in 7-10 days following application.

Always remember to follow the manufacturer’s directions when using hard wax oil for timber floors. Depending on the product you use, you may also need PPE such as breathing protection or gloves.

We Ship Hard Wax Oil Australia Wide

There are more than 25 years of floor sanding experience behind the team at Quicksand Supplies. We’ve worked with hundreds of sanding, cleaning and timber floor varnish products over the years, and we only recommend the ones we use ourselves.

Hard wax oils have been popular in Europe for years. They’re now gaining popularity across the world, and we’re happy to recommend these products to our Australian customers. If you are looking for a DIY-friendly timber floor coating, we ship hard wax oil Australia wide, and can even supply application and maintenance accessories.

No two floors are quite the same, which can make it hard to choose the right hard wax oil for timber floors. If this is your first application of hard wax oil then we recommend ordering a sample kit. Once you’re happy with your selection, we can recommend the products you’ll need to get your floors looking perfect.

Get in touch if you have any questions or would like to get started on refinishing your floors.