Collection: Lacquered & Vinyl Floors

Lacquered & Vinyl Floor Cleaner

Quicksand Supplies offers a range of lacquered and vinyl floor cleaning products that are suitable for everyday use.

Lacquered and vinyl flooring are popular options in homes across Australia. As a beautiful, durable and affordable alternative to hardwood flooring, lacquered and vinyl products are an excellent choice.

But these types of flooring need regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them looking their best. Daily foot traffic, dirt, moisture and spills can all take their toll on the finish of your flooring.

To prevent that, Quicksand Supplies carries lacquered floor cleaner and vinyl floor cleaner that has been specially designed to keep your floors looking perfect. Our range of cleaning products is sourced from leading European manufacturers, including WOCA and Berger-Seidle.

You can explore our range online, or contact us if you need advice about the right cleaning products for your lacquered and vinyl floors.

Vinyl Floor Cleaner

Vinyl flooring has quickly become one of the world’s favourite construction materials. Although vinyl flooring has been around for decades, recent advancements have made it more realistic and affordable than ever.

Vinyl flooring comes in thousands of shapes, sizes, colours and designs. While it’s common for vinyl floors to have a timber-look finish, they’re actually made of synthetic materials that are painted and textured to look like a natural surface.

This looks fantastic if you’re on a budget, but vinyl flooring needs extra care to prevent scratching and excessive wear. At Quicksand Supplies, we stock specially formulated vinyl floor cleaner that are effective at removing dirt, oil and stains without damaging your surfaces!

Our vinyl floor cleaner is sourced from leading European manufacturers. These are the products we’ve trusted for decades, and they provide the best results for your DIY floor cleaning needs.

Lacquered Floor Cleaner

Lacquer is a hard-wearing protective coating that’s found on timber and laminate flooring. While the term is often used interchangeably with varnish, varnish and lacquer are very different coatings.

While lacquer is typically applied in thinner coats than varnish, it’s a durable solution that comes in a wide variety of finishes and colours.
Lacquered timber flooring is ideal for any high traffic parts of your home. The finish is easy to clean and maintain, and it’s resistant to stains, acids and spills. The only challenge is that lacquered flooring can’t be saturated during cleaning, as this can damage the lacquer and the timber or laminate underneath.

Quicksand Supplies makes it easy to look after lacquered surfaces with our lacquered floor cleaner. Specially formulated to remove dirt and stains without damaging the timber underneath, our lacquered floor cleaner can keep your surfaces looking fantastic for years to come!

How to Clean Lacquered & Vinyl Floors

Lacquered and vinyl flooring are very different products, but they have similar requirements when it comes to cleaning. Both types of flooring should be cleaned with a mild detergent that is formulated for the job.

Products from WOCA or Berger-Seidle can both be used as lacquered floor cleaner and vinyl floor cleaner.

  1. Clean the floor with a soft broom, or a vacuum cleaner with a bristle attachment. Dirt and grit can scratch vinyl floors, so be careful not to grind dirt into the surface.
  2. Dilute the detergent in hot water. Do not use boiling water for cleaning lacquered or vinyl flooring.
  3. Use a well-wrung mop or a cotton spray mop to clean the floor along the length of the grain.
  4. Rinse the mop in a second bucket filled with clean water in between passes.
  5. Ensure your mop is well-wrung to avoid leaving excessive amounts of water on the floor. Too much water can damage your flooring and should be cleaned up with a dry towel as you go.

Mopping your floors once per month should be enough to keep them looking fantastic.

If you’re dealing with stubborn dirt, stains or oily marks, consider using a product like WOCA’s Intensive Wood Cleaner Spray. Intensive Wood Cleaner can be used on small sections of vinyl and lacquered flooring to get rid of any tough marks.

For best results, treat your lacquered and vinyl flooring with a coat of WOCA Master care after cleaning. Master Care smooths imperfections and protects against wear-and-tear.